10 Real Estate Buyers & Seller Tips

By: New England Home Finders

Thank you for taking the time to learn how our tips can help you with Selling your home or buying your new home.  We have several other tips and ideas that could be a game-changer for you when buying or selling a home with our over 35 years of experience, we have the knowledge and experience to help our clients successfully with your sale.  Sign up below for your free book to help you through your home buying or selling process to get the most for your money!

Seller Tips:

  1. Share with us why you purchased this home for your family, along with what are some of your favorite features of your home.

  2. Curb appeal is very important.  If they are turned off by anything they see on the outside, we can’t get them to come in.  So trim hedges, remove all unnecessary debris, plant bushes, and flowers that bring some color to the home. Do any minor repairs, such as chipping paint, broken steps or ripped window screens, etc.  If the outside looks like it needs a lot of repairs, they assume the inside does also.

  3. Inside your home, declutter, Start packing once the house is on the market.  If it is priced according to the market sales it will move rather quickly. So pack anything that you are not currently using.  Straighten out closets, remove decals or any unique paintings or stickers on the walls or cabinets and paint the room neutral colors such as white, cream, cedar key, light grey.  They make the home look brighter, cleaner and add some flair, compared to just white.

  4. Price your home competitively. Even doing an appraisal with a licensed appraiser prior to the sale if you want to know exactly what your home is worth. You want to be priced slightly below your competition if possible to steal their traffic and if not you do not want to overprice your home as it will become steal inventorying and people will wonder what is wrong with it, so you need to stay competitive.  When you start lower, especially in this current market, your home typically sells considerably over asking as we draw in more than the usual traffic from buyers in a lower bracket search and the higher bracket search who are looking for a deal.

  5. Last but not least, you want to hire a professional who is a full-time realtor with lots of experience who can walk you through all the tricky things that can pop up on a sale such as, title issues, liens on the property, making sure that the buyer you pick has solid financing and their mortgage company is legit. And most of all has great negotiating skills to get you top dollar with as few items as possible to have to negotiate and limit as many concessions to the buyer as possible.  


Buyer Tips:

  1. Work with a seasoned agent with several years of experience as they know how to navigate through tricky situations when they come up and their fiduciary duty is to you to get you the best deal possible and protecting your deposit.

  2. Is this market, look at properties under your price range so if you need to go over asking you can afford to do so.  

  3. Put down as much of your down payment upfront to show you are a strong buyer.  If after inspection, you are not satisfied with the home, you have a 7- 10 day window for the inspection period, to get your money back.

  4. Work with a lender that has a good reputation and who is available to answer your calls even after work hours.  We have built our own team of professionals who put our clients first and answer calls even on holidays.

  5. Probably the most important is to hire an agent such as Dino Fantasia, who as a past contractor, will go through the home with you and do a mini home inspection at the showing to know in advance what may be an issue and use that to help negotiate the best price for his clients.

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